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Japanese manufacturing is well admitted & honored as excellent, especially with its field grown technology (or “GENBA” technology). One of the major bearers of such technology is each one of small factories all over the country. But many of them are facing the risk of closing down under the recent wave of globalization. In many cases, the preciousness of these individual technologies cultivated & maintained in these small factories recognized its value just after they were lost. And repeat of such loss all over Japan are undermining the power of manufacturing hierarchy day by day. The worse is, many of such individual technology were being overlooked or neglected in its real value, just because they were so calmly, routinely performed as a daily job.

Though we understand the things we can do may be not big, we are eager to be one shining successor of these long cultivated Japanese “GENBA” technology by extending all our effort in a way of united power of every employees.

Follower of masters:

The master craftsmen once worked at every corner in Japan, were the torch bearer of such skills & technology mentioned above.  Facing the huge trend of mass retirement of these masters these days, total lack of successors who takes over these fortune is posing an immediate challenge to Japanese manufacturers. As recognized, these skills or knowledge are not only belonging to individual masters but also be embedded within the network of industrial hierarchy, as a result of closely & mutual connected relation between each organizations or individuals. These are the one of so called intangible knowledge. Such intangible knowledge, as a result of long effort by the individuals or groups is even part of body of those masters sometime. While knowing we may be able to do a little as a part of this vast Japan manufacturing hierarchy, we are proud of ourselves having a root in a world admitted Japan manufacturing, & we aim to be one of successor of masters from Japan.

Makoto Management System

MAKOTO has the principal objective of enhancing the benefit of customers, employees, community and other interested parties.  It strives to gain improvement in its capabilities as an integrated supplier of optical and metal products.  In fact, it continually searches to have well-designed management system.  Last June 27, 2001, both facilities of Makoto (Philippine Makoto Corporation and Makoto Metal Technology Incorporated) were certified to Quality Management System.


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Former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not in critical condition and will undergo a third surgery next week, a week earlier than originally planned, her doctors said on Wednesday. Dr. Juliet Gopez-Cervantes, Arroyo’s main attending physician, said the third surgery was tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. Arroyo underwent cervical spine surgery on July 29 at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City where titanium implants and bone substitute were used to correct her spine. She underwent revision surgery on Aug. 10 after doctors found out that the implants had been dislodged due to what they first thought was infection.



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